The pros of living in a bungalow

The pros of living in a bungalow

Looking to move house? There are many options out there, but one you may not have considered is the bungalow.

For over 100 years, bungalows have been a popular choice for many homeowners, and with good reason. Living in a bungalow brings some unique advantages, making it a great option for all ages.

Here are just some of the pros of living in a bungalow.


Bungalows are generally small, single-story houses with no stairs, allowing for greater ease of use than a regular home. This makes bungalows an ideal option for older homeowners or people with mobility issues. If you’re looking for a ‘forever’ home, a bungalow is the perfect choice as it will still be suitable for you for years to come.


Due to their smaller structure, bungalows are considerably easier and cheaper to maintain than two or three-story houses. With fewer floors and windows to clean and easier access to rooftops and gutters, living in a bungalow makes simple cleaning and repair jobs much easier.


Most bungalows tend to be in areas surrounded by other bungalows, and their single-story nature means that neighbours won’t be able to see into your house. What’s more, bungalows are generally built quite far apart and feature fewer windows, making them ideal for homeowners looking for more privacy.

Bungalows are often in smaller, quieter neighbourhoods

Due to their popularity with owners who are now older or retired, bungalows tend to be situated in quieter, less intensively populated neighbourhoods. Living in a bungalow, you’re less likely to be disturbed by cars or other loud noises, and the space between bungalows makes it easier to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Large gardens

Due to their wider floor plans, bungalows tend to be built on larger lots, meaning more green space is available. As a result, bungalows are great for keen gardeners to design their dream garden, while all that space gives you scope to extend or modify your bungalow. A garden gives a safe, outdoor playing area for children and dogs or other pets, as well as the opportunity to grow some of your own food, such as herbs, vegetables, strawberries or even just a lemon tree.  A larger garden space means better, natural daylight into the home, compared to multi-level buildings which occlude the neighbours sun.

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