About Us

About Us

Hans Ellehuus Builders is one of Auckland’s most respected home renovation companies, with a reputation for the highest quality work on villas, bungalows and more. Formed by Hans Ellehuus in 1992, today Ellehuus runs a crew of up to 10 skilled and qualified builders and has renovated over 700 homes around Auckland. With Hans’ background as a joiner in Denmark, his experience in renovating houses in Denmark, Norway, Australia and New Zealand and the team of experts he’s built around him, Ellehuus Builders are the people to talk to about your project.

We understand your needs.

Part of what sets Ellehuus Builders apart from others is their complete understanding of the unique challenges faced when renovating a home, especially old wooden houses. Hans and his team know the importance of preserving the character of a home while making it modern and intuitive to the way families will be living in it. From the smallest alterations to storey additions and renovations, Hans has a superb eye for detail and particular skill in bringing plans to life, adding his input to make the end product look beautiful and function well into the future. Hans has a great relationship with other experts that can help you to create the perfect home, from architects to interior designers. Find out more about our Designer Services offering here.

You can see some of Ellehuus’ past projects on Our Projects page, find out more about The Team here, or read about what makes Ellehuus Builders great on our Why Us page.

Why the red flag? logo - About Us

Being a proud Dane, Hans has had the “danebrog”, or Danish ensign, flown on sailing vessels as a logo ever since he started out on his own in 1992. The danebrog is the only fishtailed ensign in the world, and many Danish families fly it from a flagpole in the garden on a special occasion. It’s about pride, and family, which is pretty perfect because of the immense pride Hans has in his work when creating beautiful homes for families to enjoy.