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Renovation projects are a significant undertaking in any type of property, but they have added significance in older and more traditional villa and bungalow-style properties.

After all, it’s not enough in these types of projects that the building work is completed to a high standard. This is, of course, necessary, but it’s also important the building work is completed in a way that respects the original property and its features. This ensures you get the modern features and elements you need from the building work while retaining your home’s original charm, character, and style.

At Hans Ellehuus, we have extensive experience renovating and restoring villas and bungalows and have tried and test processes and building services aimed specifically at the style of home we commonly work on in Auckland.

This ensures our renovation and restoration work is completed to the highest possible standard. Our long list (numbering in the high hundreds) of satisfied customers is a testament to this.

More information on what you can expect when we work on your project is below. You can also contact us to discuss in more detail our building services in Auckland.

Our Building Services

Here are some of the things you can expect during the building work on your villa or bungalow:

  • Job costing spreadsheets to ensure your project stays within budget
  • A progress schedule so you know exactly what is happening and when
  • Full supplier liaison where we handle everything, ensuring you don’t have to worry
  • Ongoing quality control, troubleshooting, and management oversight
  • The creation of a project file during each stage of the build that includes producer statements, sub-trade guarantees, and product warranties

In practical terms, you can expect the Hans Ellehuus team to be onsite virtually every day of the build. Plus, we’ll meet you when you require and we’re completely flexible with onsite meeting times.

Certified Experts in Building Services in Auckland

As you can see from above, our building services have been specifically designed to ensure the smooth progress and completion of renovation and restoration projects in Auckland. Specifically, kitchen and bathroom renovation and restoration projects in older villas and bungalows.

This is all part of our commitment to giving you confidence in our abilities to deliver and then carrying through on those promises with our practical work, customer service, and professional advice onsite.

To find out more about our building services in Auckland, and to discuss the project you are planning, please call 021 760 661 today to talk to a member of our team.

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