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Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations and Restorations Auckland

Are you planning on getting a new kitchen or bathroom installed in your villa or bungalow? You will probably know how important it is to ensure the builder completing the renovation understands and has experience working on older villa and bungalow properties.

After all, older properties were constructed using methods not in use today, plus they have features as well as charm, sophistication, character, and style that do not exist in more modern homes.

Bathroom and kitchen renovation projects in Auckland’s villas and bungalows must respect this, ensuring the new installation matches the style of the property and is respectful of the existing features and structure.

This is exactly what you get when you come to use at Hans Ellehuus Builders. Our experience includes:

  • Complete renovation and restoration of villas and bungalows in Auckland
  • Specialist renovation and restoration projects on villas and bungalows, including kitchen and bathroom projects
  • All other work associated with modernising, improving, and enhancing your villa or bungalow

So, don’t proceed with your kitchen or bathroom renovation or restoration until you contact us. Call today.

Hire Hans Ellehuus Builders for Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations in Auckland

You are in safe hands when you come to us for kitchen or bathroom renovations. We can help with every stage of the project including:

  • Planning – during the planning stage, we can give you design advice as well as giving you the benefit of our expertise as a specialist villa and bungalow renovation builders.
  • Pre-construction – we’ll co-ordinate the pre-construction phase of the project to ensure everything is ready to go once the work begins. This minimises disruption to your home and prevents delays.
  • Construction – our team will handle all elements of the construction, so you don’t have to contact any other contractor. This is an easy and hassle-free approach to kitchen and bathroom renovations.
  • Post-construction – things can go wrong with any type of building project after the initial work is completed. When we renovate or restore your kitchen or bathroom, we’ll complete all remedial works to correct issues for a period of 12 months after completion of the main project.

Speak to a Member of Our Team Today

We can renovate or restore your kitchen or bathroom as part of a wider villa or bungalow renovation project, or we can complete the work as a standalone service.

Either way, you can have peace of mind that you will have the industry’s leading villa and bungalow renovation builders working on your home. Please contact us to speak to a member of our team and to arrange to get a quote.



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