The 5 Dos and Don’ts of a Home Renovation

The 5 Dos and Don’ts of a Home Renovation

In this blog we have curated a selection of our five top tips to assist you with your home renovation. Spend a little time reading first, and then get to work with the knowledge that everything you’re doing will reap clear benefits.

1) DO choose the right company. 

From the offset, our top tip is to make sure you choose the right builder or company for you. If you have a personal recommendation, great, but if not, don’t be afraid to ask for references and reviews. In fact, ask as many questions as you can. Make sure that whatever you choose is right for you. Do ask whether or not they have done any similar projects to yours.

2) DO NOT compromise.

While there may be certain ways for you to cut costs or overlook minor details, there are areas that warrant your investment to meet your satisfaction with the final outcome. For instance, it is advisable not to solely prioritise the cheapest specialist, but rather consider their experience and obtain references. If a job is not executed properly, it will only lead to further complications – and – you have to live there.

3) DO take your time.

It is highly recommended to live in your home before embarking on any major renovations as this allows you to thoroughly think about how you intend to best use the space. By living in your home, you can gain valuable insights and form clear ideas about what to prioritise when consulting renovation specialists.  We recommend you keep a box file with any ideas or printed out articles to help your designer brief.

4) DO revise your budget if needed.

Although renovation specialists Auckland consistently emphasise the significance of creating a realistic budget and monitoring expenses throughout projects, it is also crucial to allocate a contingency fund, as unforeseen work is likely to arise during the renovation process, especially in heritage homes.

Many houses can conceal unforeseen problems, so it is wise to have a contingency amount set aside so you won’t be caught off guard.

5) DO remain calm.

The midpoint of a renovation project is often the most challenging and stressful period. Remember that there comes a turning point where everything begins to harmonise, and you gradually witness your vision transforming into a tangible reality.

It could be the moment when your new shower is properly installed or when the flooring is finally laid, giving you a glimpse of the remarkable progress made.  Take photos before and throughout the project, because we quickly forget how it all used to look.

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