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Post House Renovation Building Services in Auckland

At Hans Ellehuus Builders, we won’t abandon you once the main renovation construction work is completed in your home. This is because we understand that the reality of building work is that issues can arise.

In addition, you will have many new features and elements in your home, some of which will require maintenance on a regular schedule. This is all the information you should have at the earliest opportunity.

Therefore, we have created a comprehensive set of post house renovation building services that we provide on every project we work on in Auckland. These services ensure our customers can not only start enjoying their renovated and transformed villa or bungalow but that the enjoyment continues in the months and years ahead.

A core part of our post house renovation building services is our commitment to correct any issues with the build – known in the industry as snags – for a period of 12-months after the main construction work is completed. This remedial work is provided free of charge.

This alone makes us at Han Ellehuus Builders stand out from most of our competition. Add in the fact that we are the leader in villa and bungalow renovation projects, and you can see how we can help with the project you are planning.

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Our Post House Renovation Building Services in Auckland

Our post building renovations services that are available in Auckland include:

  • Creation of a comprehensive snag list on initial completion of your renovation
  • Process to complete remedial works raised by the snag list and then get sign off, including from sub-trades
  • We’ll provide a producer statement folder and we’ll liaise with the Council for the final inspection process
  • We’ll also provide assistance with Code of Completion
  • You’ll get a maintenance checklist from us too which will cover the year following the completion of the work onsite
  • We’ll also provide a free inspection service of that checklist

In addition to the above, and in addition to our commitment to correct issues during the first 12 months after completion of the renovation work, we will also provide you with a maintenance schedule for your property.

This maintenance schedule is produced by BRANZ and will help you keep on top of maintenance jobs for many years to come.

When we get to this stage of your project, we’ll provide you with instructions to access the BRANZ platform so you can create a unique and concise report customised for your home. This report will include a step-by-step guide covering all elements of your property that require maintenance.

We Are Experts in All Post Building Renovation Services in Auckland

To find out more about the post building renovation services we offer in Auckland, or to discuss your project, please contact a member of our team. Call today on 021 760 661.

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