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Decks, Joinery & Verandah Renovations Auckland

Whenever Auckland villa or bungalow owners need renovation or restoration services, they come to us at Hans Ellehuus. We are the recognised leader in completing construction projects to restore, modernise, and improve traditional villas and bungalows.

While our experience includes complete renovation and restoration services, we also offer specialist services for your home. This includes renovating and/or constructing decks and verandahs as well as any other specialist joinery work you need in your villa or bungalow.

When we work on your home, you can have peace of mind we will be respectful of the character and charm of the existing property. The new additions we create will fit in perfectly with the original building, enhancing your home and giving you the features that you are looking for.

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Decks Renovations in Auckland

Decks are not a natural part of traditional Auckland villas or bungalows. After all, decks are a modern property feature. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a deck, though.

At Hans Ellehuus Builders, we have the skills and experience to ensure your new deck matches the original property, enhancing the overall appearance.

Bolting on a standard deck is not enough. Instead, the work requires special consideration of the original building materials and style of home. It also requires in-depth knowledge of older Auckland properties.

This is what we offer at Hans Ellehuus Builders. This means you can get a modern deck to give you a stunning and usable outdoor living space in a way that respects the appearance, style, and character of your home.

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Verandah Renovations in Auckland

Does the verandah in your villa or bungalow need renovation work? This is a common issue with older Auckland properties as verandahs are very exposed to the NZ elements. We’re here to help, though.

Our team has extensive experience renovating verandahs, restoring them to their original stunning appearance while also adding modern features and enhancements where required.

Plus, we can build a new verandah onto your villa or bungalow if the original design didn’t feature one. We can remove a poorly constructed verandah too, replacing it with something much more in keeping with the style of your home.

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Joinery Renovations in Auckland

In addition to building/renovating decks and verandahs, our expert joiners can also help you with whatever other requirements you have. This includes standalone jobs as well as joinery work that is part of a wider renovating project.

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