Best House Extension Ideas on a Budget

Best House Extension Ideas on a Budget

When costing up the price of an extension, many things will be considered.Usually, Resource Consent will not be needed, but you will almost certainly need a Building Consent, especially if you plan to extend the house or alter the exterior in any way.  Some interior renovations, such as bathrooms, usually don’t need a Building Consent, but please check with your architect or interior designer. The style of bungalows lends them to modernisation yet still retaining that character that first attracted you to them, such as the airy ceiling heights.  This means you can adapt your home to your evolving needs over the years, without moving homes along with the disruption and expense that causes.. This can not only add value to your home in the longer term but improve your quality of life. So, what are some of the ways  to extend your home?

1) Extend the roof

Utilising the roof space is a great, budget way to extend your home to create a second storey.  Roof extensions are perfect solutions for creating more space, because the area on top of the roof is just as useful as the space beneath it and often with a better view. People tend to use roof extensions to create another bedroom space or even a whole, full,other flat.

2) Convert the garage

Garage spaces tend to end up getting wasted as dumping grounds for clutter, however, this space could have better use. Garages welcome extension ideas for all budgets because they tend to offer a relatively simple nature of the build as most of the structure has already been built.  Garages are quite a roomy interior space, allowing a range of options, including a self contained living space.

3) Single story extensions

Single-storey extensions tend to be the cheapest and most viable option for a home extension. What’s exciting about single-storey extensions is that they can transform smaller spaces, adding light and additional living space. You could consider installing glazed doors and roof lights. Single-story extensions can be used to make a range of rooms such as a larger kitchen, dining area, or living room.

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