Advantages of Bungalow-Style Living

Advantages of Bungalow-Style Living

Why is Bungalow-style living so popular, despite being built around 100 years ago? Bungalows offer a range of benefits that suit a wide variety of people and different lifestyles. This blog explores some of those advantages.


Most bungalows are only one level, making accessibility excellent for anyone with limited mobility, for example, seniors or young children. One level makes moving around the home simple and easy.  Anyone in a wheelchair can easily access every room in the house.

Easy maintenance

Because of the open layout design, cleaning and maintenance is easy. Compared to modern townhouses, often with two level atriums, it is cheaper to heat in winter, but the higher ceilings make it airy in summer.

Should you decide to renovate, the open spaces give you plenty of options. This flexibility of design gives you more choices and as a result, you will be able to keep costs down. Also, the construction of bungalows make it easy to insulate.

Quiet Neighbours

As bungalows attract buyers who remain in them throughout their family life and into their senior years, you will find that you have a more peaceful and quiet area surrounding you. Also, the larger sections give more space between bungalows.

Open design

What’s brilliant about bungalows is the open design which brings additional, natural lighting into the property. Everyone living at the property can enjoy the long hours of natural light inside the home.  Also, the open plan design allows larger social gatherings to celebrate the milestones in your family’s life, such as birthdays with cousins, grandparent anniversaries, high school pre-ball functions and graduation celebrations.  Bungalows suit a family throughout all stages of life.

Adding a conservatory or covered deck will extend your living room and allow that useful indoor/outdoor flow we seem to use so much in our warm, but wet climate. It also provides an all weather, outdoor play area for young children.

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