Kitchen vs Bathroom: Which Room Should I Prioritise Renovating?

Kitchen vs Bathroom: Which Room Should I Prioritise Renovating?

If you feel that both your kitchen and bathroom are looking a little outdated and are feeling impractical, it would be great to renovate both spaces simultaneously. But of course, not all of us can afford to have two rooms in our home renovated at one time. Many homeowners also don’t enjoy having builders in their homes for an extended period, and having two rooms renovated at once can feel overwhelming. But how do you know which one to renovate first? This is a great question, especially if the second renovation can only take place a year or so down the line.

As experts in kitchen and bathroom renovations in Auckland, we have a few thoughts on the matter.

Which Room Has Obvious Issues?

Perhaps your kitchen may look outdated (and you really don’t like it), but your bathroom is mouldy, with leaky taps and tiles falling off the walls. If this is the case, it sounds as if your bathroom is a hazard and should take priority over your kitchen. But it could be the other way around.

Do You Have More Than One Bathroom?

Many homes have more than one bathroom, but most homes only have one kitchen. If you could do without the bathroom that is in need of renovation for a while, you may want to prioritise your kitchen renovation.

Where Do You Spend The Most Time?

Where is your happy place in your home? Is it cooking homemade meals for your family? Or is it having a bubble bath? Distinguishing where you spend the most time and determining which room is most important to you could help you decide!

What Is Your Budget?

Your budget may be the biggest indicator of which room you should renovate first. For instance, if you only have enough budget to perform a small renovation this year, but next year you should be able to do a larger one, you should think about which room is more deserving of the larger budget. This is definitely a consideration that you need to be aware of.

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer, as the right answer will look different for every homeowner. If you are still unsure, you could perhaps speak to trusted home builders in a consultation to help make up your mind.

Are you looking to invest in a kitchen or bathroom renovation in Auckland? Get in touch with the expert team at Hans Ellehuus Builders today and we can begin discussing your renovation needs further.